All 13 branches of the Mid-Mississippi Regional Library System house collections of genealogical/local history material.  Free access to limited to patrons using MMRLS public computers or WiFi network.

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John D Sanders and Zemuly Weeks Sanders Historical & Genealogical Room

The room is manned by Ann Breedlove 8am-5pm Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday

In-state genealogy research requests:
Out of state genealogy research requests:
Phone: 662-289-5141
Mailing Address: Attala County Library ATTN: Ann Breedlove
201 S. Huntington Street Kosciusko, MS 39090


Durant, Goodman, Pickens, Tchula and West libraries house local history collections
Lexington: Samuel Jackson Foose, Jr. Civil War Studies Room


Carthage: Genealogy Room
Walnut Grove: Jane Johnson Williams Genealogy & History Room


Duck Hill: Genealogy Room
Kilmichael and Winona libraries house local history collections


Louis Taunton Genealogy Room

Mississippi’s Work Project Administration County Files:

The Mississippi Library Commission hosts copies of  Mississippi’s WPA County Files that have been digitized as searchable PDFs. These files detail the history of each Mississippi county and were compiled by field workers in the 1930s.  Below are direct links to the WPA file for the five (5) counties that comprise Mid-Mississippi Regional Library System.

*Attala is the only location with a dedicated genealogist on staff.  For access to genealogy rooms and/or materials please see a library staff member.

Genealogy Room & Material Use Policy

  1. Researchers must sign-in before entering the genealogy room. The sign-in sheet should be completed with the date and researcher’s name, address, telephone number and family name  for which research is being conducted.
  2. Persons disruptive to the research of others may be asked to leave.
  3. Small children must be supervised at all times. They will not be allowed to touch machines or computers, nor be allowed to take books from the shelves.
  4. Upon staff request, researchers must allow staff to inspect items upon entering and leaving the genealogy room.
  5. When finished with materials, researchers should not re-shelve or re-file, but leave the materials on the tables or book carts.
  6. Library staff will assist researchers as time allows. The Attala County Library is the only MMRLS library with a designated Genealogy Clerk.
  7. No bags, backpacks, purses, briefcases or outer coats are allowed in the genealogy room.
  8. No scanners, cameras or personal copiers are allowed in the genealogy room.
  9. Personal laptops are allowed, but laptop cases are not.
  10. Researches may use the library’s copier to make copies of material.
  11. Organizations or others may not leave computers, laptops, etc., at the library for members to use for research.
  12. Researchers may not use staff computers in the genealogy rooms for research, but may use designated public access computers in genealogy rooms where available.
  13. No corrections can be made on worksheets or other materials housed in the genealogy room or section. Corrections or additions may be added on a separate sheet, along with the name and address of the donor.
  14. Microfilm and microfiche must be loaded on the reader/printer located in the genealogy room by a library staff member.
  15. Only one folder per customer may be pulled at a time to prevent contents of folders getting placed into another folder.
  16. No genealogy materials, except for those being copied on library copiers, may be removed from the genealogy room without special permission from the branch librarian or genealogy clerk.
  17. MMRLS has posted notices concerning copyright laws. The researcher accepts full responsibility for the duplicated materials and agrees to indemnify MMRLS from any damages as a result of said duplicated materials being made available to any person, organization or business without appropriate authorization of MMRLS and/or copyright holder(s).
  18. Additionally, the duplication and/or use of some items may be restricted by gift agreements with donors.
  19. It is unlawful for any person to willfully mutilate library materials.

Charges, Fees, and Payment

Legal residents of Mississippi; not-for-profit organizations chartered in Mississippi; state, county, and municipal agencies in Mississippi; and federal agencies; and out-of-state individuals performing on-site research will not be charged use fees; unless the intended use is a product that will be distributed for a price. The above will be charged copy and printer fees.
For-profit entities and all individuals living outside the State of Mississippi requesting research may contact the Attala County Library Genealogy Clerk and will be charged an *hourly fee for research, plus the cost of copies and postage. Payment is required in advance with the hourly fee being charged whether or not information is found. This is due to the fact that time is required whether or not the information exists. The Attala County Library Genealogy Clerk only does this type of research on her personal time. Library staff at other MMRLS branch libraries may also refer out-of-state requests to locally known genealogists.
Research, copy and printer fees:


*Out-of-state research fee Hourly rate to be determined by the Attala County Genealogy Clerk or to be determined by other locally known genealogists. (Neither MMRLS nor any of its branch libraries profit from this research fee.)
Photcopy, per page $0.20 8 ½ x 11 – Black ink
  $0.25 8 ½ x 14 – Black ink
  $0.30 11 x 17 – Black ink
  $1.00 8 ½ x 11 – Color ink
Computer print-out, per page $0.20 8 ½ x 11 – Black ink
  $1.00 8 ½ x 11 – Color ink
Microfilm print, per page $0.25 8 ½ x 11 – Black ink
  $0.30 11 x 17 – Black ink

Photocopies made by genealogy groups or researchers for projects that result in a genealogy material donation to the library, are exempt from black and
white photocopy fees up to 500 copies or $100.00. After this courtesy, normal photocopy fees apply. Branch staff will keep a record of the number of copies/monetary amount until each project is complete.