About Us

The Mid-Mississippi Regional Library System became a regional multi-county public library system in 1957. It is a tax-supported, 501(c)(3) public library organization that serves the five county areas of Attala, Holmes, Leake, Montgomery, and Winston. The 13 public libraries within this five county library system provide services for over 94,000 customers.

Library Board of Trustees

The MMRLS administrative / governing library Board of Trustees are appointed by their local county boards.  They are responsible for the governing of the 5 County public library system. System Trustees are the connection between their county and cities in relation to the operation of the Mid-Mississippi Regional Library System.

MMRLS System Trustees are:

Attala — Mrs. Terry Jones
Holmes — Mrs. Flora Pilgram
Leake — Mrs. Martha Ramzy
Montgomery — Mrs. Margaret Harris
Winston — Mrs. Rhonda Porter

County and City Boards of Trustees

These trustees are groups of local residents appointed by city or county officials that are responsible for advising the MMRLS System Board of Trustees. Trustees are the connection between the public library and its community.  Trustees function as advocates and leaders for the quality of library services in their community.

Attala County Trustees

Beat 1 — Mrs. Dawn McCown
Beat 2 — Mrs. Carol Blaine
Beat 3 — Mrs. Terry Jones
Beat 4 — Mrs. Bobbie Smith
Beat 5 — Mrs. Sheila Taylor

Holmes County Trustees

Beat 1 — Ms. Flora Pilgram
Beat 2 — Mrs. Freddie Farmer
Beat 3 — Mr. Henry McNeese
Beat 4 — Ms. Gwin Shaw
Beat 5 — Ms. Sandra Green

Leake County Trustees

District 1 — Ms. Judy Thomas
District 2 — Ms. Martha Ramzy
District 3 — Ms. Clementine Jones
District 4 — Ms. Cornelia Grimes
District 5 — Ms. Emma Marie Riley

Carthage Library Trustees

Ward 1 — Ms. Robin Burgess
Ward 2 — Ms. Diane Leflore
Ward 3 — currently not filled
Ward 4 — Ms. June Shepard
At large — Ms. Mary Lou Ladner

Walnut Grove Library Trustees

Ms. Jayne Britt
Ms. Tommye Rosenbaum
Ms. Lynn Johnson
Ms. Mary Ellis
Mrs. Linda Bounds


Montgomery County Trustees

District 1 — Ms. Glenda Powell
District 2 — Vacant
District 3 — Vacant
District 4 — Mrs. Margaret Harris
District 5 — Vacant


Winston County Trustees

Beat 1 — Mrs. Rhonda Porter
Beat 2 — Ms. Sarah Garrigues
Beat 3 — Ms. Judy Post
Beat 4 — Ms. Clementine Eichelberger
Beat 5 — Mr. James C Woodiel